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Optimistic Despite it All and PozLawyer Blog, HIV, Bipolar DisorderOptimistic Despite it All is my journey back from “rock bottom” to a happy, healthy life.  It is also where I keep my blog, the PozLawyer Blog, in which I write about topics of current interest.  It is not a blog about myself, but rather topics which affect everyone as a whole, especially those who are HIV+ or suffer from mental illness.

For me, “rock bottom” was where I landed after being an A-student, and then a successful attorney in BigLaw, to my subsequent spiral into drinking, gambling, over-sexing, all with negative consequences including an eventual HIV+ diagnosis.  I have spent several years rebuilding my life, building a marriage, and now, managing a new diagnosis of Bipolar disorder.

I owe a hat tip to others, especially the folks at Above The Law, for finding my story and this project to be worth mentioning on their legal blog.  Links to content that got this project where it is are here:


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