Bradley Grey is the pseudonym for a Bipolar HIV+ former DC BigLaw associate. Brad attended Georgetown Law in Washington, DC. and accepted an offer to join one of the, let’s say, 10 most prestigious DC firms. Brad did well for six years and then quickly washed out after very difficult struggles with personal relationships, alcohol, sex, and mental illness. Brad moved back to the midwest and continued to struggle, eventually becoming HIV+. However, his life has slowly turned around and he is now working again in the legal industry.

The “children” gathered around the kitchen waiting for dinner.

He is married with two cats and a dog, and when not working he is a homebody who enjoys video games, tabletop games, Game of Thrones, and binging on Netflix Originals. His husband, Ezra Grey (also a pseudonym), is the light of his life and helps keep him grounded and focused, and reminds Brad that there is life outside of working and writing.  Determined not merely to survive, but to thrive, Brad is excited for what his future holds and remains Optimistic Despite It All.

Brad can be found on Twitter at @PozLawyer and by email at  Ezra can also be found on Twitter at @Ezra6690 and by email at


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