We live in an age where we no longer receive news nightly from one of three network broadcasters.  Unlike our parents, we are active consumers of media and we select our own sources of news.  This fascinating infographic plots Partisan Bias against Journalistic Quality.  Take a look for yourself and see where your go-to sources of news [click to enlarge].

Infographic plotting Partisan Bias againt Journalistic Quality
Partisan Bias runs left-to-right, while Journalistic Quality runs bottom to top.

Obviously the author of this chart has baked in plenty of subjective judgment here, but I think he or she gets it mostly right.  I especially appreciate the “Just no.” commentary for the outlets on the bottom right.  If you believe in President Trump’s fake news horseshit narrative follow those same journalistic outlets, you will disagree with the author of this graph.

Perhaps I’ll write something more in-depth on this topic at a later date.  For now, I thought it would just be interesting to see how this unattributed author plots our preferred sources of information.

p.s. I could not locate the ownership information for this chart.  If anyone can supply that information,  I will make sure to properly credit the author.

An Aside: Partisan Bias Versus Journalistic Quality
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